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Grief Counseling - 3D Pathways


The Grief Recovery Method (GRM) defines the broad extent of grief – and how common is it?


Grief is the normal and natural emotional response to change or loss of any kind – death, divorce, moving, financial changes, health changes, relationship changes and on and on…  

How is it different from other grief support programs?

  • The GRM is an action-based program that involves reading and writing assignments as outlined in “The Grief Recovery Handbook, the Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce and Other Losses.”

  • The GRM has been shared for over 40 years, on six of seven continents, with the book having been translated into over 20 languages over those years. 

  • The GRM is an evidence-based program, having documented statistically significant improvements in grievers’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviors related to grief.

  • This 8 week group education class will help you:

    • Identify reasons grief is misunderstood

    • Identify ways unresolved grief impacts youth and adults

    • Provide action step recovery components as you walk through the loss


Next class starts 4/22/2024

Location: Canal Winchester Human Services

80 Covenant Way, Canal Winchester

Duration: 8 weeks

Cost: $280

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