Grief & Loss


Grief is one of the most misunderstood subjects in our society today. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss. Yet often times we do not learn the tools we need to process our grief and to heal.

​There are many types of loss that we can experience in our lifetime which can create a grief response. Such losses include: death, divorce, break-up of a romantic relationship, loss of health, changes in a career, moving, changes in life space (i.e., empty nest), loss of health, or even losses we experienced in childhood through abuse or neglect.

These losses can go unattended for years because many of us have heard and believed that time heals our wounds. The sad truth is that time in and of itself does nothing to heal our response to loss or trauma. Ultimately, this can lead to broken relationships, severe internal emotional distress, and at times addictions.

Grief is as unique to you as your own thumb print. No one’s grief is the same as another’s and no other person can tell you how you will respond.

3D Pathways provides you with tools based on your own personal experiences and strengths. We will help guide you through your walk to a renewed hope for your future.